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    What are you waiting for?

    “Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” ~Max Ehrmann For over 15 years, Sistahs Jammin’ has been providing women with the opportunity to stop the noise, the guilt, the broken messages, and re-emerge with the internal peace, joy and strength every woman deserves. SistersJammin’ offers the perfect blend of sunshine, beach adventure and sisterhood on the beautiful island of Jamaica and mixes it with a true personal retreat and development. It is sometimes tough for women to […]

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    Green Grotto Caves

    I’ve always been afraid of bats and caves then I went to Jamaica’s living natural history museum the famous Green Grotto. Stepping into the cave was like walking on sacred ground. So much history was made here. First the Tiano’s and Arawaks seeked shelter and protection from the Spanish, then the slaves as they ran for freedom from the sugar plantations around the island. We were taken 40 feet below the ground where we saw the most crystal clear water. They only way we knew it was water was when the water was disturbed or when light was shone on the rocks. […]

  • Jamaica's own grapefruit soda

    It’s only a bottle of Ting!

    During Sistahs Jammin’ 2016 at the Royalton White Sands July 3rd – July 10th, 2016 not once did we see any local “Jamaican soft drinks”  (a thing we Jamaicans call soda). As a joke, whenever the wairer/waitress asked what I would like to drink, I’d say Ting and the servers would politely laugh and say they only served gingerale, coke soda and juices. On July 9th we decided to go to the sports bar to have lunch and again when asked about my choice of beverage, I again said Ting and again, was gently told it wasn’t available. As we entered […]

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    Coyaba brings out the foodie in us!

    We have spent the whole evening just enjoying our meals and talking. Nothing beats good food and great company! The thing about Coyaba is that our meals are prepared to order and that allows us to explore and try new things cooked to order. We have been known to have the Chef out where we have given him and his staff a standing ovation. Take a look at some of our meals over the years…..maybe you’ll join us for a “foodie” experience July 5th – 12th, 2015!!!

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    Sistahs Jammin’ In Jamaica!

    In 1998 my mom gave me a book called Sacred Pampering Principles for African American Women by Debreana Jackson Gandy. After reading this awesome book I started to make changes in the salon Hair’s Kay regarding the needs of my clients and the space I needed to create for them to just BE! We then invited Debrena to New Haven to speak with my clients as they were all excited about the principles she wrote about and the positive influences it had on them in as they practiced them. What came out of that gathering was SISTAHS JAMMIN’ in Jamaica. […]

  • A Happy Healthy Kidney for Kimberly….

    A weeks asked I asked a question…”What’s your thoughts on Organ Donation?” this was a random question like most of the question I post on my Sistahs Jammin’ Facebook page. This question got it’s fair share of comments, but there were 2 Sistahfriends that not only made their comments but made a connection. Kimberly stated the reason for her supporting the need for organ donation as she needs one and NieCie stated her need to help her get one by giving her one of hers. WOW!!! As I read through the comments and saw this I was shocked at first […]

  • I love Dunns River!

    I have climbed the falls so many times that at this visit I decided I wasn’t going to do it. It amazes me how excited I get whenever we start driving up the hill to the falls, the feeling is that of total excitement. Have you ever climbed the falls? Are you in amzement as to how much water flows down? Do you ever wonder why the water is freezing when you first enter the falls? I cannot wait to do this again in July! Do you want to join me?

  • Step away from my fear!

    One of my biggest fear is writing. I’ve always hated it. When people in my life realized this (like my cousin Nicole) they tend to help nudge me along out of my your comfort zone, the familiar place, the place where I am secure. So now I’m out of that place. The cat is out of the bag!! I’m scared and unsure but like everything else in my life, I’m going to give it my all. Phew!! That wasn’t as bad as I thought. Here goes….I can do this…wiping the sweat from my hand…I am about to share this. Do […]

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